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The Dock-able, rechargeable, & portable LED flashlight & battery pack for any USB device including iPhone, iPad & Android.

ChargeLight could be the most powerful and compact LED flashlight and battery pack ever. Smartphones, cameras, and flashlights need to stay charged at all times, so we can use them when we need them. Staying on top of power-hungry devices demands a product that is both lightweight and portable to tote wherever we go. With a beautiful design that suits any decor, ChargeLight is the most universal, practical, and essential product you may ever own.


Always stay charged.
We know how hard it is to keep all of your devices charged. We were tired of dead batteries, too. Keep life's essential tools ready to go. ChargeLight can charge just about anything – a smartphone, tablet, camera, GPS, music player, and much, much more.
Beautifully powerful.
A light worthy of being called tactical. It’s so powerful, it rivals tactical-grade LED flashlights, while maintaining a strikingly sleek design. With precision optics, it produces an unparalleled lighting experience. ChargeLight is 5X brighter than traditional flashlights.
Delightfully portable.
Keep it charged any number of ways. We know how demanding life can be, so we wanted charging flexibility. ChargeLight can be recharged from its dock, USB adapter, laptop, car charger, or any other USB port. Plus it fits in a purse, coat pocket, briefcase, or backpack. It’s delightfully portable.
Stunning performance.
ChargeLight outperforms alkaline flashlights 10:1 times 3000. With its lithium-ion technology, it outperforms alkaline-based flashlights over 30,000 times. It’s 100% rechargeable, and it holds a charge for more than one year. ChargeLight can also sustain thousands of charges, so it doesn’t waste thousands of alkaline batteries.
Rechargeable dock.
Keep everything charged from one location. What truly makes ChargeLight unique is its rechargeable dock. We know how easy it is to forget to charge your devices, so we made a beautiful and convenient dock that acts as one central hub to ensure you stay charged at all times.
Fits anywhere.
Perfect for any lifestyle or room. Most high-powered tactical flashlights are big and look rugged. Not ChargeLight. It’s one of the sleekest, most compact flashlights ever. And it works beautifully in any room – in your kitchen, bedroom, office, or living room.


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