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Precision Optics = Brilliant Light.

CREE XT-E Professional Grade LED.

UltraSafe Samsung Lithium Battery.

Twice The Power, Included.

CREE LEDs are known for being the highest performance LEDs available. With the perfect mix of energy-saving, high-efficiency and extremely bright light output, the CREE XT-E LED delivers a powerful light that runs longer per charge and is designed to last a lifetime.

The lithium technology in ChargeLight is extremely powerful and completely safe. The premium Samsung lithium cell provides a safe foundation that is then precisely controlled, protected and monitored by an internal processor and multiple layers of safety firewalls.

The ChargeLight USB Speed Charger is included and provides twice the power of leading smartphone chargers. There are multiple levels of safety protection built into the internal circuitry making it one of the safest USB chargers on the market. Don’t settle for half the power or dangerous chargers.

In The Box.

• UltraBright USB Flashlight
• USB Charging Station

• 10W USB Speed Charger

• 40" Micro USB to USB Cable

• Wrist Strap

• User Guide & Warranty

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USB Charging Station

UltraBright USB Flashlight

10W USB Speed Charger

Wireless Charging Station.

Machined Unibody.

The optical quality of the light produced by ChargeLight is driven by the precisely engineered wide-angle lens, designed to produce brilliant, evenly distributed light without hot spots or halo effects.

Just drop ChargeLight into the dock to recharge. It's as simple as that. Plus, continue to charge your phone and other devices from the dock’s full power USB output.

ChargeLight is manufactured with many similar methods as leading smartphones and high-end electronics. The aircraft grade aluminum unibody provides an extremely durable structure and is machined-finished to within .004” accuracy.

An always-ready high-powered USB flashlight and charging station for all of your USB devices. Charge from the dock or on the go. Extremely high quality and designed to fit any decor.







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